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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Like Climbing Uphill with a Heavy Load on our Shoulders

Yes, there are some good days and some not so good.  The last three days have been challenging.  Ed's anxiety level is high right now due to an incident with my son who is disabled and is having emotional problems.  Our son needs professional psychological help but refuses it.  His last episode was too much for me and I turned his care over to the agency.  This is the only way that I'm going to be able to get him to accept help. Hopefully, if I am not there he will accept the agency's help.  His case worker is very good so I am comfortable with the decision.  Ed's energy and thirst for life is not as high as it was prior to this incident.  He looks tired and worried.  He has been asking our daughter to help and my daughter will help some during the transition.  I am not separating myself and our family completely from my son, I am just letting him know that he needs to accept the help that is being offered to him including psychological help because he needs it.  This is definitely weighing heavy on Ed.  I hate seeing the effect that it has on him but life must go on -

He is retaining too much fluid again and may have to go get this drained from his abdomen.  His legs are a little swollen also.  We'll call the primary doctor on Tuesday to see if he suggests that we go in for the fluid drain. 

At Ed's request we are going to try to go to church tomorrow, then to the blood test and out and about after that.  It is going to be a nice sunny day; hopefully this will help to bring Ed's spirits up a little.  I will try my best to help him relax and enjoy the day.  We need to go back to being Strong and Confident.  Your prayers are always needed.  Thank you!

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