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Sunday, March 18, 2012

BBQ Tri Tip Sandwhich

yes, the vegetarian phase is done.  Ed craves the food that he used to eat and I told him that it was his choice to eat what he wanted to eat.  On Thursday he had spaghetti and meat balls and on Friday he had the now famous BBQ tri-tip sandwich at Sizzlers.  He actually looked and said he felt he had more energy on Saturday and he thinks that it was all the protein that he consummed.  He says that he plans to eat meat about once per week but does not want to do more than that.  I told him that I am still against eating animal and cannot cook meat.  the plan is to eat meat only when he eats out which is not too often.  I cook a lot at home these days. 

My granddaughter, Faith, is now getting ready to go on dyalisis because her kidney transplant is failing.  she was in the hospital last week and when she was released her kidlney levels were still pretty bad.  they are thinking that they'll do dyalisis at home.  this is more than a little sad. 

I am not one to be thinking why me.  but this past week has been one of those weeks and my whole chest hurts from all that is happening to my family.   I am feeling pretty low and lonely.  all i hear around me is sad news. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Airforce vs Tumor

so the last scan shows that the little spec that was too small to identify is now growing..but not for long!  The David Grant Medical Center at California's Travis Airforce Base is taking this tumor on and my money is on the US Airforce, what do you think?  am I right that the Airforce will win.  this tumor has no chance.

Ed goes in to have it eliminated later this month.  thankfully there are no "new" tumors just one that decided to grow and challange the airforce and the Rosado family.  but no no no, this is not going to keep us down. 

yes, there are still days of lots of activity - one of those days Ed got the van working again, he cleaned and moved a very big fish tank that we have and had not been cleaned since he got sick.  poor fish must've been shocked to be in clean water.  but most days he is still in pain from ascitis and problems with digestion.

there's a plan to put in a shunt to help with the ascitis because now he gets the fluid removed and it returns in less than three days.  doctors are talking about the TIPS procedure for him and we are hoping that it works. 

he has had a little bit more of negativism but I am trying to get him on the path of positive thinking and back to praying and communicating with God.  this really helps.  haven' been to church yet but we continue to watch Joel Osteen on Sundays which is a great motivater for us.

take care everyone.  if you need to email me please go ahead