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Saturday, June 18, 2011

On a path to healing

I apologize for not blogging these past few weeks.  I don't exactly know why I didn't.  I know that feeling strong turned into feeling angry and that is not what I want.  Anger is natural but in my opinion can turn into negative and that is not good for anyone.  So today I begin to turn that around because I know that I can do better than that.  So let me tell you what's been going on with Ed and our path to healing. 

Ed's leave of absence from work ended and we filed for disability retirement.  This is a difficult task because it takes you from your I'm going to get better mindset to a mindset that your life as a productive human being is ended.  I've had to help Ed not get stuck in that mode but to look forward to retirement.  

Last week the father of my son's best friend passed away from liver cancer.  That is weighing on all of us.  He had been away from the country for a long time and just came home two weeks ago to spend his last days at home.  We pray for him and for my son's friend.  

Anger is understandable.  needs to be recognized, but that energy needs to be redirected to making progress towards getting better and winning the big fight!

Ed still has good days and not so good days.  For a while there he was in super good spirits and had lots of energy.  He has lost a lot of weight and now weighs one pound less than I do.  I'm not skinny but I never thought that I would be the "heavy" of the two :)!  Normally, he gets up, helps clean the house, naps, and then waits for me to have dinner.  We are still not eating beef, chicken, or pork.  

I recommend that you read The China Study.  I really think that the American diet is toxic and it is responsible for the progression of the many chronic illnesses that we suffer in the West.  Try to eat a vegetable, grains, and natural foods diet for better health.  We include fish and are limiting our intake of milk and substituting with soy.  

Ed is being treated by the VA.  We visit the doctors less frequently and blood tests are less frequent also.  this was challenging to accept but when you think about it, Ed's health is more dependant on what he does at home than what the doctors do for him.  He is scheduled to the VA liver clinic in July and his primary in Sept.  He had a sonogram last week and the results were not alarming.  We will wait until the liver clinic appointment to hear if anything has changed. 

So far it is managing the emotional well being and nutrition that has really made a difference.

thanks for listening and please stay strong and hopeful.