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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Un Dia Bonito..en San Francisco

February 23rd!!! Hope that you remembered. 
Ed and I went to his appt with Dr. Bissell of the UCSF Liver Clinic.  We took 2 DVDs of the scans that he had done recently.  There was also a very large questionnaire that we completed before getting there. 

We were early to our appointment.  When we arrived and were parked at the garage I was worried that the long drive had taken a toll on our van and when I tried to restart it the van would not start.  Ed said open up the hood and got it to start for me.  This is the first time that he works on a car in more than 4 months. 

The doctor actually went through the whole questionnaire with us asking questions and making notations.  He noticed that Ed was retaining fluid in his abdomen and legs and mentioned that getting that fluid removed the way that we've been doing is not a good idea because of the high risk of infections.  He said that he would prescribe medication and adjust the one he is taking now so that the fluid retention can be controlled this way.  He also said "you are on a no salt diet, aren't you?"  well, no.  Our liver doctor in Sacramento doesn't really care and had not mentioned it.  Although I admit it seems only logical..duh  why didn't I think about that sooner?  but I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. 

He examined Ed and then said that he and his team would look at the scans and the information that we provided and that he would make recommendations and send that to Ed's primary doctor and to us.  He mentioned that treatment may involve the radiologists and he needs their opinion.  Ed mentioned that we may be going to the VA for treatment because insurance is running out.  The good doctor said that it was a good plan. The VA is doing some good things and we can take his recommendations with us.

We left satisfied that at least this doctor didn't say go home and die.  Ed wanted to walk through the Haight-Ashbury District which is right around the corner from UCSF.  We did and enjoyed ourselves. 

The next morning Ed woke up and made himself 2 pancakes and 2 eggs for breakfast!!  good sign of well being!

Thanks for your support and prayers.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Still Strong and Confident....

Went for a blood test today.  Ed's arms are all black and blue from all the needle pokes that he's had from his weekly blood draws.  Today they drew blood from his hand.  The tech was very efficient and got it on the first try. 
Afterwards we went to Denny's for a late breakfast.  Ed's appetite is back and he enjoyed his large breakfast of eggs, french toast, a strip of bacon.  This is the first time he eats meat in a few weeks now.   We walked off the calories at Old Town Sacramento. By the time we got home his legs were very swollen.  He is resting now. 

I went back to work last week and he has been staying home trying to stay busy.  He seems more alert and less jaundiced.  It may be that his body is getting rid of the affects of the chemo.  I will call for lab results next week.  The visit to San Francisco is coming up soon and we can't wait to hear what the doctors there have to say.  For now Ed continues to battle the disease with absolutely no treatment except trying to eat healthy and lots of prayers.   Yesterday we were visited all day by family members and that picked up his spirits quite a bit.  Please continue to pray and send your good vibes our way. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

sick of being sick

Well, it is more than a cold, it turned out to be pneumonia and believe me I've had enough of it.  breathing hurts, head hurts, it is just miserable.  I'm hoping that the antibiotic does its work and I will be feeling better tomorrow. I've never been so sick!!!

Ed had good news and not so good news.  his last labs show that blood counts and all those important things are good, but his liver function is suffering.  His bilirubin went up considerably, which is what the onconlogist was worried may happen if he was given Nexavar (chemo).  He was told to stop the Nexavar and the doctor will continue looking for treatments for him.  So he is now fighting the disease on his own with your prayers.  Hopefully UCSF has some other ideas,,,

A note about prayer, last night feeling sick and over whelmed I asked for help and help just showered on me this morning!!!!