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Sunday, December 18, 2011


taking pain medication around the clock did not work for Edward. We finally decided that he would take pain meds as needed because this is the only way that he is able to get up from bed and do things around the house and at times go out with me after I come home from work. 
He had a scan at Travis in November that showed "no detectable" tumors!!!!  He will go again this coming week to have another scan done to make sure.  Ed is already talking about getting medication to treat his hepatitis virus and possibly moving on to a transplant.  this is an incredible place to be considering the early predictions of not living more than 2 to 6 months. 
Ed had a birthday two weeks ago.  62yrs old.  we celebrated at a pizzeria in Manteca with family and friends. 
We continue to stay away from meat.  Ed and I eat fish and eat cheese, eggs, grains, rice and pasta and try to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.  This I think has made all the difference.  He is right now on almost no medication with the exception of water pills, stool softners, multivitamins and a very mild dose of antidepressant.  Of course, the TACE procedures are an important part of keeping Edward alive and confident of a good future.
Ed is wanting to enroll in Delta College to take a water color class.  I will help him get enrolled. 
my thoughts today are a little scattered.  there are other things going on around our lives that are taking me from keeping my full focus on Ed.  My son's friend is staying with us because his mom lost her apartment and he found himself homeless.  I did not want to add to my plate but I couldn't leave him out in the cold so he is with us.  I also feel a little behind with Christmas.  our tree is up with lights but the ornaments are still in the box.  My daughter does not call or visit her dad and that bothers me because I think that we did not do enough to install this type of caring when she was growing up.  She has medical problems herself so it may be that she is not feeling well enough and is not saying.  I feel that I need to get back in control of the situation because this is a very good time in our lives - post cancer- and I don't want to waste it feeling sorry for myself.  Thanks for reading my blog.  I hope all is going well for you and if i don't post before Christmas I wish you a very safe and peaceful holiday season!!  Merry Christmas