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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chili fries looked better than they tasted...

Thank you for supporting my blog.  Today was better than expected.  The ride to Sacramento was a little bumpy and tough on Ed's stomach.  We like to go to the lab on weekends because there are less people waiting and it is generally a stress free process.  Today there were people waiting when we got there.  Does everyone know our secret now? Ed is wearing sweat pants these days and since he has lost weight the bagginess of the pants make him look thinner. After the blood test we stopped at Carl's Jr for lunch.  He ordered chili fries and was only able to eat a few before he excused himself and went to the car to take pain medicine.  We went to Fry's to look for more hobby supplies.  We talked about possibly getting better fitting pants, jeans perhaps!!  Fry's is a huge store full of fun things.  He went one way and I went the other and met up at the snack bar for a soda. Back at home he installed the Norton Virus protection software that we bought, had a small plate of rice and chicken, built a fire and is now fast asleep snoring.  Granddaughter accepted a rain check on going to dinner with her grandpa and I.  Ed is looking forward to that.  Thank God that side affects from Chemo are mild.  He is scheduled for a scan on Monday.  Your support and prayers keep us strong and confident. 

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