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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Afternoon with Faith

Ed was missing his granddaughter.  She was sick with a cold and she did not want to get her grandfather sick so she stayed away for a few days.  Our daughter stopped by last week and Ed asked her to bring Faith over soon.  In the past, there's been many times when Ed said that the only person that really loves him is Faith.  In turn, Faith has always said that there's a special bond between them.  When her grandpa was diagnosed she, her mom, and step dad lived up in the mountains.  One day she was in the car with me and asked me about her grandpa's health.  I explained to her about the procedure that the doctors were going to do to get rid of the tumors, radioambulazation, and told her that the hope was that this would get rid of the cancer.  She thanked me and said that she appreciated having the detailed information.  She said that her mom was having a hard time and would no be able to give her the whole story but she wanted us to know that even though she is young she still wants to know.  Every once in a while she texts me and asks "how is grandpa doing?"  Now she reads my blog and texts me with a comment or two :). 

So Faith and her mom came over to see Ed on Monday.  Ed got up that morning and picked up around the house and when Faith came over he brought out the portable pool table and played three or four good rounds of pool with Faith - teaching her strategies along the way.  It looked like both of them were enjoying themselves.  When they left Ed was happy that they had come to visit and said "that was nice."

I don't have stats or test or trial results but I am sure that Monday afternoon with Faith was good for Ed's health...

Love You Faith

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