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Thursday, February 3, 2011

sick of being sick

Well, it is more than a cold, it turned out to be pneumonia and believe me I've had enough of it.  breathing hurts, head hurts, it is just miserable.  I'm hoping that the antibiotic does its work and I will be feeling better tomorrow. I've never been so sick!!!

Ed had good news and not so good news.  his last labs show that blood counts and all those important things are good, but his liver function is suffering.  His bilirubin went up considerably, which is what the onconlogist was worried may happen if he was given Nexavar (chemo).  He was told to stop the Nexavar and the doctor will continue looking for treatments for him.  So he is now fighting the disease on his own with your prayers.  Hopefully UCSF has some other ideas,,,

A note about prayer, last night feeling sick and over whelmed I asked for help and help just showered on me this morning!!!!

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