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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Still Strong and Confident....

Went for a blood test today.  Ed's arms are all black and blue from all the needle pokes that he's had from his weekly blood draws.  Today they drew blood from his hand.  The tech was very efficient and got it on the first try. 
Afterwards we went to Denny's for a late breakfast.  Ed's appetite is back and he enjoyed his large breakfast of eggs, french toast, a strip of bacon.  This is the first time he eats meat in a few weeks now.   We walked off the calories at Old Town Sacramento. By the time we got home his legs were very swollen.  He is resting now. 

I went back to work last week and he has been staying home trying to stay busy.  He seems more alert and less jaundiced.  It may be that his body is getting rid of the affects of the chemo.  I will call for lab results next week.  The visit to San Francisco is coming up soon and we can't wait to hear what the doctors there have to say.  For now Ed continues to battle the disease with absolutely no treatment except trying to eat healthy and lots of prayers.   Yesterday we were visited all day by family members and that picked up his spirits quite a bit.  Please continue to pray and send your good vibes our way. 

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