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Friday, August 26, 2011

blood test results are good but transplant is not in the plan

So what do we want first the good news or the bad news?  Ed's blood tests results are really good he is actually very healthy except for the cancer!!! and i am not being sarcastic.  all his levels for blood pressure and other tests are very good.  His liver is actually better he is not jaundiced adn his ammonia levels are good BUT he has 6 tumors.  he used to have 5. not sure if he always had 6 and drs only saw 5 or if he had 5 and now he has 6??
So that is the medical report..but life is more than a medical report and with God's help we will continue trying to live a good life within our means and abilities.  We are going to plan a vacation - we plan to go on a train ride up north hopefully all the way to Seattle.  That would be amazing!
I am concerned that some of my friends on the cancer survivor network who are caregivers for their husbands are having a very difficult time.  I posted to try to get them to focus less on the sad and negative and to go back to seeing the glass half full - but i know what they are going through and it is definitely not easy.  i'll leave it at that and come back and tell you how our appt goes with the Oncologist at Mather and the Radiologist at Travis.  Ed will be evaluated for more chemoambulazation treatments. 
take care and be strong!

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