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Friday, July 22, 2011

sooner or later but not without a fight

so even after a year and a half has gone by and Ed is doing considerably well with one or two episodes of abdominal pain per day and then goes about slowly cleaning house, taking care of the puppy, reading, and trying his best to enjoy his day, the doctors still insist that he is going to die.  Well I guess if they say it long enough they will be right...sooner or later it is what happens to all of us, right?!

It's ok.  I tell Ed not to let that get him down, they are only saying what they know to say.  but if I was them I would get the message that they've been wrong this far with their predictions.  His primary said the other day, "you have liver cancer ...but only God knows how long he wants you to stay around"  pretty amazing for a doctor to say but I am no stranger to God's blessings as my son was given 6 monhs when he was a baby and here he is at 31yrs old. 

Let's not give up!!!! Only God knows how long he wants us or our loved ones around.
Have a good night.


  1. You are absolutely right, only the good lord knows when we will meet him, My husband has been suffering with primary HCC liver cancer for 2 years, when we were told of his diagnosis they gave him 6-8 mos. we are so blessed to have him. he is in a lot of pain now and takes more pain meds, but he is able to do chores around the house and outside until aroun noon or so and then he is worn out and in bed. keep the faith and hope and i am praying for you and your husband, i check your blog often.

  2. Hello Sherry. Thank you for adding your comment but most importantly for your prayers. Sounds like you also are a strong person. Please tell your husband that I am praying for him and that I am very happy that he's able to do what he does in the morning. It is not easy, you and I know! Please keep in touch, it helps me to know that we are not alone. Take Care -

  3. i just had to take my husband to the ER for chronic pain and they did CT scan and the cancer has spread throught his stomach area and there is nothing more they can do for him, sent him home on a fentanol patch and said to contact hospice. i fee so alone and scared. please pray fo us

  4. I am so sorry to hear that the cancer has spread. My husband goes through abdominal pain every day and he is fearful that the cancer has spread. He is going for a scan on Tuesday. Sherry, we both know that doctors are quick to refer liver cancer patients to hospice, so take time to cry today, but tomorrow and the next day take time to learn all you can about your husband's situation. You'll know from your research if it's time for hospice and if it is at least you would have done all you can for him. Pray for strength. I am praying for you and you are not alone..I am here and God is always with you - give this to him. Thank you for letting me know. please keep me updated