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Friday, April 1, 2011

Not Sure What's Going on....

Ed looks skinny and weak.  He has been sleeping a lot and his blood pressure was low yesterday.  We think that the bp went low because of the diuretics that he is taking for the fluid retention and because he is not eating salty foods at all. 

He does not like it that he is sleeping a lot.  I asked him why he was upset and he said that he was mad at himself because he was tired of staying in bed.  Our son is now staying with us and that has helped a little. At least now he has someone else to talk to besides me. 

I was frustrated a couple of days ago when I asked him what he ate and he just pointed to yogurt.  I told him that it was not fair that he wants to get better and is not trying.  He did get up and ate and has been trying to do a few things around the house.  Today he wore jeans again! we went to get his blood test done and then stopped to get strawberries.  He wanted to go out this evening but got tired. We will try tomorrow.

He has an appointment with the liver specialist next week at the Livermore VA.  I am not as cheery as I should be ..  it has been 14months now!!  Ed had a major procedure just a few days ago and it is understandable that he is tired and sleeping a lot.  I will talk to myself and get in a better mood.

Thank you all for reading my blog.  I hope to have better news for you next time :)


  1. I am reading your blog and having hope. I also pray for you. I hope that there is good news.

  2. Thank you Theroaringcougar and Sue for checking on us. I will try to keep the blog updated more often. It is important for me and I appreciate your reminders.
    take care and keep strong